It is a plain green cover completely with the addition of decorative marble grains, produced using natural ingredients. Specially selected on the basis of the composition of the slaked lime makes it easy to drain moisture from the walls, which prevents the growth of fungi and mold. Used in small, narrow spaces or on the ceiling, visually expanding the surface, due to specular reflection.





  • amenities
  • fireplaces
  • hallways
  • kitchens
  • pillars
  • staircases
  • areas exposed to moisture, the building boards, etc.


It is recommended for interior finishes, in which we want to effect a smooth reflective surface. Ideal for small, narrow spaces, visually illuminating - increases interior. This product fits perfectly on the premises of hotels, restaurants, historic, raising their standard by giving the unique climate.



  • high water vapor diffusion
  • natural product
  • good adhesion to various substrates